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Pruebas Medicas

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Health & Fitness Medical
Developer: Antonio J. Cañizares
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Pruebas Medicas is a quick guide to see most
diagnostic tests that are more frequently used in medicine
information on the length of it, explaining the test, if
produce any pain or discomfort during their development and if applicable any
type of anesthesia to practice.

The diagnostic tests are arranged by medical specialty.

Are also available by searching for your name or literal
any text that this content on your behalf.

You can quickly locate the most widely used diagnostic test for
doctors, it is useful for physicians, medical students and
general anyone who wants to know where a test is
specific diagnoses.

The medical specialties that contain the evidence which has
the guide currently are:

- Digestive

- Cardiology

- Diagnostic Imaging

- Gynecology

- Laboratory

- Pulmonology

- Neurophysiology

- Neurology

- Ophthalmology

- Otolaryngology

- Urology / Andrology

- Other